News release for September 18th, 2018

Here are the latest updates online as of September 18th, 2018:

Web push notifications

Dialog Insight now lets you create and send web push notifications to inform your website visitors of new publications on your site, and entice them to read them. To receive web push notifications, visitors must have first accepted to receive notifications from your site. 

To take advantage of this new communication channel, you must first configure your website to send web push notifications, and then create and test the notification itself.

Web push notifications sent through Dialog Insight can be displayed on both Chrome and Firefox. Dialog Insight plans on adding new browsers and options in the next releases.

How to use web push notifications

You can send notifications in batch, or one at a time, as you would for normal email messages, as well as through marketing automation scenarios and web services.  They can also be used to create group of contacts, and view how many of your subscribers are actual contacts in your contact list.

Using web push notifications offers a lot of benefits:

  • Higher subscription rate - Very easy to accept notifications, without having to provide personal information.
  • Higher conversion rate - 20 times higher than emails.
  • Better delivery - Unlike emails that can end up in the spam folder.
  • Low unsubscribe rate - Visitors remain subscribers longer.
  • Personalized content - Using profile information of known subscribers found in your contact list.

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Mobile push notifications 

By adding web push notifications in the application, some minor changes were also made to the existing feature supporting mobile push notifications, the main change being that we have merged the configuration of both notification types under the same menu. And some new functions were added.

  • Accessing the configuration of mobile push notifications is now done via Configuration > Push notifications, the same place as for web push notifications.

  • Both notifications are listed on the same page, each identified by its corresponding icon -   for mobile push and   for web push notifications.

  • New: Mobile push notifications can now be added and sent through marketing automation scenarios.

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New image editor

We have replaced the image editor used in Dialog Insight as it will no longer be supported by Adobe shortly. We have therefore developed our own editor, much simpler. The only change is the editor itself; it displays in the same way as before.

Our new editor lets you crop, resize or rotate an image. Any more complicated changes should be done using an external image editor with more advanced options.

New content blocks

Two new content blocks have been added to Drag-and-Drop message and landing page templates. They are available for all new messages created with Dialog Insight's DnD templates. To add any of these blocks in an existing message, you can either integrate the HTML code yourself, or contact us so we can add it to your existing templates.

Countdown timer

This block lets you insert in message a generic countdown timer indicating the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds left before the start of an event, such as a contest, a holiday, a promotion, or any other of your choice.

Adding a countdown timer is simple, you just need to specify the date and time of the event, choose the background and font color, and specify the size and margins. 

The timer starts as soon as the message is opened, and remains active for 60 seconds. The timer is reset each time the message is reopened.

Bar code

This block lets you insert in a message a code bar. This code can be generic, common to all recipients, or personalized, meaning that you can use the bar code indicated in each contact's profile.

Adding a code bar is simple, you need to indicate the type of code to use and the code itself, choose the text and background colors and specify the size and margins.

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Breakdown of contacts per communication channel in groups

When creating a group of contacts, calculation of the number of eligible contacts is now broken down by communication channel. Depending on the Dialog Insight modules enabled, you can now see, in addition to the total number of targeted contacts, the number of contacts eligible to receive messages by email, sms, web push notification and mobile push notification.

The display of this breakdown is slightly different for the simple and advanced edit mode. 

In both displays, clicking the eye icon will open the list of all targeted contacts, as clicking on a specific category will show those eligible, or not, to the selected communication channel.

  • In simple edit mode (default)
  • In advanced edit mode

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