Sharing the results of a message

This feature allows you to share the results of a sent message to someone who is not a Dialog Insight user. An email message is sent to the desired person, with the necessary information to access the message's summary result page.

The shared page is similar to the original summary result page, except that is does not contain links to other pages or contact lists.

Access Path
 > Results > Email

How To

  1. Access the result summary page. 
    1. Go to Results > Email.
    2. Choose to display Sendings.
    3. Select the message for which you want to share the sending results.
    4. Click View.
      By default, it is the Summary page that is shown, and this is the only result page you can share.
  2. Once on the Summary page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Share results.
  3. On the Share results window, make sure to set the sharing option to Enabled.
    *If you set the option to Disabled, result sharing will be disabled with all recipients. So any person you have share results with will no longer have access to them.
  4. To limit access to a given period, specify an end date. This step is optional. 
  5. Type in the email address of the person with whom you want to share the message results.
  6. Click Send.

And after?

The recipient will receive an email message indicating that you want to share a message's results with them. To access this page, the recipient must:

  1. Click the View button shown in the message.

  2. Once the access window appears, enter the provided password and click View.

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