Smart Dashboards

Intuition is often the trigger that launches us in a particular direction. However, the use of data makes it possible to verify, understand and quantify this direction. Companies that rely on data-driven decision-making are more likely to improve their success versus those that rely solely on intuition.

Our smart dashboards module can help you make data-driven decisions by giving you an effortless way to see and understand trends, outliers, and insights from analyzing your data, using visual elements such as graphs, charts, and indicators. 

 PrerequisiteOpen a Google BigQuery data warehouse
 Access path > Results > Smart Dashboards

Smart Dashboards Onboarding Process

The Smart Dashboards module adapts to your reality to meet your specific needs. This solution requires going through a process to ensure the smooth running of the implementation.

1 - An introductory meeting to the module

A meeting between you and a Dialog Insight employee will be scheduled to share information about the module. The following topics will be covered:

  • Module description
  • Introducing a Smart Dashboard
  • Feature overview
  • Limits of the module
  • Module requirements
  • The next steps
  • Your questions

If you are interested in the introductory meeting, write to your account manager !

2 - Opening and configuring the data warehouse

Using the module requires that you have a data warehouse. It is a specialized database to optimize data analysis. We can extract, transform, and load your DI data into Google BigQuery. But first, you need a Google Cloud account containing Google's BigQuery data warehouse. Next, we will connect your Google BigQuery to the tool we use to design dashboards.

The following elements must be shared with your account manager:

  • A service accounts private key in Google Big Query (client-email and private-key) To connect to the Big Query account. The key must have the BigQuery Admin role.
  • A service accounts private key in Google Big Query (client-email and private-key) to connect Dialog Insight to the Big Query account. The key must have the BigQuery Admin and Storage Admin roles

    Follow the first 3 steps to retrieve keys in the following documentation : Connect my BigQuery account

In addition, BigQuery Admin access must be given to our data analyst who will be responsible for configuring the tables and materialized views necessary for the dashboard.

Note that it is possible to ask us to do this part for you under certain conditions.

3 - Smart dashboards needs

A second meeting aims to recover the vision and needs of data visualization, as well as functions related to Smart Dashboards.

The following topics will be discussed and analyzed:

  • Data 
  • Graphics 
  • Filters 
  • Permissions and access to the module 
  • Automated export
  • The visual theme of the dashboard

4 - Presentation of your dashboard by our integrator

You will be contacted when your dashboard is ready. The goal is to ensure that the needs collected previously are covered. The integrator responsible for creating the table will be present to make the corrections.

5 - Availability of the dashboard on the platform

Once the validation is complete, our team will add your dashboard to the Dialog Insight platform. The following functions are available directly on the page:

  • Dashboard element export   (CSV, XLSX, PNG)
    It is possible to export a graph or an indicator individually in text format (XLSX, CSV) or as an image (PNG).
  • Dashboard export (PDF, PNG)
    It is possible to share dashboards with clients, colleagues, or stakeholders. You can send them an export of the complete dashboard in PDF or PNG.
  • Alerting
    An alert is an automatic notification or warning process that can be used for many use cases, such as reaching a sales goal. When the result is reached, the notification is sent.
  • Share using comments
    It is possible to discuss the information displayed in your dashboard with your colleagues using comments.

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