Searching for Contacts Who Have Filled a Lead Generation Form

If a person wishes to download a document, or requests information or other, and you have associated a lead generation form to the action, the person will have to fill out this form before they can proceed. The provided information is registered in Dialog Insight, based on the update mode you have selected.

In addition of being displayed in the contact profile, the lead generation information can be used to make contact searches.

You could, for example, wish to have a list of all the contacts who have downloaded a document. To do so, you would perform a search in the Formulaire prospection/Lead generation and then select Download as the type of form.

Prerequisite Have activated the lead generation form creation module and have created and published at least one form.
Access Path > Contacts > Search

 How To

  1. Access the Search in a custom table page by clicking on the related tab.
  2. In the Search records in the table field, select the lead generation custom table named Formulaire prospection/Lead generation.
  3. Once the table is selected, check the option Match the following criteria to search specific information by selecting the field, the operator and the searched value. 
    Valid values of form type Related action
    Download File download
    Info Information request
    Quote Quote
    Demo Demonstration request
    Other Other requests
  4. If some table fields are not shown in the search section, click on the Change field list link to open the field selector and indicate the fields you want or do not want to show for search purposes by checking or unchecking the related fields. It is important to click on Apply for your changes to be saved.
List of operators
Text and Email Field Date and Numeric Field True/False Field
Is equal
Is equal
Is true (or 1)
Is not equal Is not equal Is false (or 0)
Contains Is less then  
Doesn't contain Is less then or equal
Starts with Is greater than  
Doesn't start with Is greater than or equal  
Ends with Is between  
Doesn't end with Is not between  
Is like Is empty  
Is not like Is not empty  
Is empty    
Is not empty    

Field: Email
Operator: Contains

Field: Invoice
Operator: Is greater than
Value: 5000

Field: Client
Operator: Is true

  1. It is also possible to limit the search to contacts of a given group by selecting the Restrict to group members option and to then selec the desired group.
  2. In addition to custom table fields, you can also search for contacts based on project fields by selecting the Use the contact profile fields option. In such a case, you need to specify the desired field, operator and value.
    If some project fields are not shown in the list, click on Change field list to open the field selector and chose different or additional fields to displayed. It is important to click Apply for the changes be applied.
  3. Click on Count to see the number of contacts that matches the search criteria.
  4. Click on Search to display the actual list of contacts.
  5. Click on Save this search to keep and save the search criteria you have just defined in order to use it again in the future.
    1. In the search saving window, specify the name of the search.
    2. If more that one language is available, you can specify a search name for the other languages as well, otherwise the provided name will be used for all languages.
    3. If you think you might need to quickly view these search results again in the future, you could activate the Add to shortcuts option for this search to display in the right pane of the application.

    4. If you want this search to also be available to other users in the company, check the Share this search option.
    5. Click on Save.
  6. The next time you access the search page, the saved searches will display in the drop-down list of the Targeted by the search field.

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