Assign individual permissions

How to

  1. Go to the Permissions tab
  2. A list of all possible permissions, by category, is included (see the table below for general descriptions). 
  3. Open, using , the main categories in order to see all singular permission available. Continue with the + buttons in order to visualized the whole access tree. Use to close categories when you don't need them anymore or to navigate better between categories.
  4. Navigate through the permission(s) you are interested in to assign it to your new user.
  5. Fill in the information on the right that appears and is specific to the different permissions (more details here below)
  6. Once completed, click on Assign
  7. Assigned permissions are then visible in the Assigned Permissions area.


Info: In the permissions tree, you see all the permissions that are possible to be given to a user. So you also see the permissions for modules that are not included in your Dialog Insight package. Even if you grant a user permission for a module that is not activated, the user will not be able to access it as long as the module is inactive.   

Additional information by permissions

Depending on the permissions, additional information must be filled in, and is mostly divided into three categories:

  1. Set this feature to: this area is the most generic and the one that will concern you most often. Assign this permission to 1 or more companies, to 1 or more projects, and also according to the type of communication of your messages. 
  2. This permission applies to the following contacts: a permission can also be limited to contacts in your database. Most of the time, select All contacts, but some clauses may also have to be limited, although this is rarely used.
  3. Security Attributes: This portion is rarely used in client accounts. If it applies to your account, you can also limit permissions on this basis.

Description of permissions category

OFSYS MasterThe simplest: it gives access to absolutely everything, including account management. Avoid granting this permission for users who do not need to access that part of the application, or for security reasons.
Account managementGives access to the account management zone only. An interesting access to grant to your IT teams, most of the time.
OFC4Grant access to all modules available in the contact app:
OFS3Grant access to the survey app:
OFA2Grant access to the Activity app
*Most account do not have access to this particular module
Content management
RessourcesGives access to the resources tab, to access the image and file library. A person can then add or delete within the library, or add categories.

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