Configuring mobile push notification types

Notification types are actually templates that speed up the process of creating and pushing mobile notifications. So when creating a new mobile push notification, you will have the ability to choose among the notification types you have defined.

Access Path
> Configuration > Push notifications > Add your mobile app / Edit (existing mobile app) > Notification types tab

 How To

  1. Under Notification types, click Create a notification type.

  2. Under the Editpage, define or edit the notification's parameters.

    1. Edit the template's name.
      This is the internal name, visible only from within the platform.
    2. Choose the content language(s).
      The recipient will receive the notification in the language set on his device, or in the default language if the language of his device does not correspond to any of the languages of the push type.
    3. Insert the message content.
      Use the Customization toolbox to insert data from the contact file (e.g., first name).
      Use the Dynamic content toolbox to insert conditional texts with respect to data from the contact file (e.g., display text only to contacts for which country =Canada).
    4. Add keys if needed.
      Keys are optional. They are variables sent with the mobile push notification and can be picked up by your app for the desired effect (e.g., redirect user to a specific section within the app). Your app must be programmed to receive these keys.
  3. Once you have defined the notification type's parameters, it's time to test it.
    1. Under the Test tab, you can choose the language and test the display as seen by a specific contact (if you’ve inserted personalized content).
    2. To send tests, you need to have project contacts who have installed the mobile app and accepted notifications. Select the contact via Preview with a contact and click Send.
    3. To send a test to several test contacts, use the Send this message to group option. You’ll need to create a test group first. To do so, please refer to Creating a group of contacts.

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