Sending an Email

Normally, at this stage, you should have done tests and validations. This article explains how to send an email in simple mode, which means with a single version.  

Step 1: Choose Recipients

In the Sending interface, select the Simple sending mode:
If you have an A/B Split campaign, you could choose this option to send two versions of the message and compare results for each version. 

Select the Recipients:To see how many contacts will be included in the sending, click on Calculate the number of contacts.

To learn more about groups, see the article on creating groups.

Handle multiple contacts that share the same email address

If the primary key identifying your contacts is composed of more than one field, or if this key is not the contact's email address, you will be asked to choose how you want to handle contacts that might have the same email address.
You can choose to send a message to each contact, in which case, the same contact could receive more than one message or send one message per email address. With this last option, if two contacts have the same email (or if the same contact exists twice in the project), only one of the two will receive the message.

Step 2: Plan the Mailing Time

In the Planning section, you can choose to send the message now (as soon as the mailing is approved) or later, depending on the date and time indicated (choose the time zone).  

You can then check options:

Control delivery rateTo specify the maximum number of messages to be sent every hour or the maximum duration of a mailing.
Add a prefix to the message subjectTo add a prefix to the message subject, such as [REMINDER] or [TEST], for example. The prefix will show for all recipients.

Step 3: Prepare Mailing

Click on Prepare Mailing. In the popup, check the list of instructions and confirm if you are compliant. 

Click on Approve if you want to go forward with sending your message. You can click on Reject to cancel. On the home page, you can see the list of messages waiting to be approved.

Before approving a message, it is important to check if the message is the right one and if the number of recipients is correct. Verify the personalization with the preview feature.


To see the performance of your mailing (deliveries, clicks, openings), you can consult the article on results

A contact has not received your message? You can send it again with the feature in the contact's profile.

To cancel a planned mailing, go to Planned deployments and find the email in the left menu under Messages. At the end of the line, click on Cancel

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