Landing Page Results

The results of a landing page are available in its summary. Once your page is published, you will see the statistics of visits and conversions.

 PrerequisiteHave published the landing page (see Publishing a Landing Page).
Access Path > Landing pages > Pages > Edit > Summary

How to

In the list of landing pages, double-click on the one whose summary you want to see.

The first section displays information on the following elements:

  • Unique visitors - Total number of anonymous and known visitors.
    Unique visits are calculated using a combination of information from the browser (User Agent) and the visitor's IP address. However, the landing page may display a different version than the one initially displayed if the visitor uses more than one computer or browser on several visits.
  • Known visitors - Number of contacts in your project who have visited your page.
  • Conversions - Number of unique visitors who have reached the conversion goal.
  • Conversion rate - Percentage of unique visitors who have reached the conversion goal.

The A/B/X testing section allows you to perform tests, as its name suggests (see Managing Versions for A/B/X Testing).

Reset statistics

This button will reset all statistics pertaining to visits to your landing page. However, the history of known visitors who have visited the page is not deleted; this data is saved in the contact file.

We recommend the use of this button only during tests prior to the official page publication.

At the bottom of the page, you can view the conversion rate evolution to see if your marketing actions have an impact on your conversions, and what are the most favorable periods to meet your goal.

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