About the Event Management Module

Prerequisite To take advantage of all the event management features, the Events module must be enabled for your company and project, upon request only.
Access Path > Workflows > Events

The event management module centralizes all the steps involved in the organization of an event, from the registration form to the attendees' list, and including the creation of the invitation message, confirmation messages, and status information pages.

The module's entry page presents a list of all the events that were created in the application, for the current project:

  • In preparation - List of events to come, which have not yet been published.
  • Online - List of events to come, that have been published. Are placed here all events whose end date, or start date if no end date was entered, is after the current date.
  • Ended - List of published events that are over. Are placed here all events whose end date, or start date in the absence of an end date, is before the current date.

Once you have created an event, configured the registration process and published the event, you can insert the link to the registration form where you want, in a message or on your website for example. The collected event, registration and attendance information also provides other great possibilities, such as:

  • Group contacts who registered and/or attended to events, by using the event related criteria.
  • See the events a contact has registered to, from the custom table that contains the registration information and that can be viewed from the contact's profile. More info in this article Viewing a Contact's Profile to view contacts who have participated in which activities. 

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