About the Marketing Calendar

A powerful planning tool

The calendar gives you an overall view of all the marketing actions planned in Dialog Insight, in one single place! On top of that, you can plan and manage actions right from the calendar. 

For example, let's say you plan on sending a promotion message at the beginning of December, but don't know yet what it will be. It doesn't matter... you can already block the date when you want to send it in the calendar, you can also set a reminder to know when to start working on it, and create the message itself closer to the date, when you know more.

In addition to Dialog Insight actions, it is also possible to add actions that occur outside the application, such as meetings, courses, events, etc. that you wish to make public, or keep private for yourself.

A quick search tool

Since the calendar shows most of the actions performed in Dialog Insight, it is an interesting place to quickly find an action, without having to figure out if it's a message, an SMS, a contest or any other type of action.

For example, you might have created an email, an sms as well as landing pages for a particular event, and therefore could search for all the actions planned for this event. In such a case, you would use the search tool in the calendar to find, for instance, "Christmas promotion" to only display in the calendar actions that have these terms in their name.

The Calendar module must be enabled.
Contact your account manager to have this feature enabled in your account.
Access Path
  • > Planning > Calendar
  • Direct access on every application page using the Calendar icon

Actions displayed in the calendar

The calendar displays different types of actions:

  • Dialog Insight actions
    These are marketing actions that are planned in the application.
  • My actions
    These actions are created and edited right in the calendar, and can either be public (visible to all in the same project) or private.

Overview of calendar features

  1. Current date
    Displays the day of the current date, for all views.
  2. Current period (based on the selected view)
    Displays the selected month, week or day.
  3. Available views - Month, Week, List (monthly)
  4.  Access to calendar options

    • Calendar's parameters
      Colors of My actions, Filters, Week format.
    • Full screen view/Normal view
      Removes the top navigation bar, as well as both left and right panes.  Choose Normal view to close the full screen mode.
    • New window
      Opens the calendar in a new window, leaving your current session open.
    • Export
      Export the current view, with its filtered actions, in an ICS file, that can be opened in any other compatible calendar.
    • Print
      Prints the current view, with its filtered actions, in a printable format.
    • See how to configure the calendar according to your needs
  5. Search box
    Allows you to search for actions in the current view.
  6. Filters
    • By filter
      By default, all actions are displayed.
      When you change filters and save them, they are shown in the list of available filters and can be used later.
    • By communication type
      Displays actions associated to the selected communication types. By default, all actions are displayed, those with a communication type and those without.
    • By tag
      Displays actions associated to the selected tags. By default, all tags are included.
    • By action type
      Displays the types of actions selected under Dialog Insight actions, My actions and My calendars.
    • See how to use filters
  7. Action buttons (for filters)
    • Save
      Saves filter options, with the current name, if not changed.
      If you are changing the default filter, you will be asked to give it another name, as it cannot be replaced.
    • Save as
      Saves the filter options under a new name.
    • Reset
      Resets to the default filter options.
  8. Add an action
    Allows you to add a new custom action in My actions, or a new Dialog Insight action (email or sms). If you haven't selected a date on the calendar, the action will automatically be added on the current date and time. The color you have defined as default will be assigned to all new actions.

Action identifiers

Each type of action is distinctly identified in the calendar.

  • Dialog Insight action - over 1 day
    Identified by a round disk of the color of the related action type

  • Dialog Insight action - over multiple days
    Identified by a bookmark of the color of the related action type, over a grey background

  • My actions - over 1 day
    Identified by a diamond-shaped disk of the color of the related action type

  • My actions - over multiple days
    Identified by a bookmark of the color of the related action type, over a background of a lighter shade of the same color

  • Unexecuted action
    Identified by a timer. Only applies to Dialog Insight actions.
    It is possible to edit an action as long as it hasn't been executed (message sent, contest online, landing page published, etc.) After, the timer disappears and the action can no longer be edited.

  • Private action
    Identied by a lock. Private actions can only be viewed by the user who created them. Only applies to actions under My actions.

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