About the Journey Module

The Journey module is a simplified version of our older Conversion module that lets you connect your website to the Dialog Insight application to collect website visit information right in Dialog Insight.

Following are the information that can be collected:

  • source of visits
  • viewed pages
  • transactions performed
  • products left in shopping cart
  • viewed products

Once the Journey module is enabled and configured for your project, and the generated tracking code copied on all the pages you want to track, Dialog Insight can collect and register information drawn from visits to the set website pages such as the number of visitors on each page, which page was viewed and where the visit originated.

Regarding visited pages

The results are displayed right in Dialog Insight as charts and are linked to your contacts in Dialog Insight. You can even create groups of contacts based on these results to send a message to their specific contacts.

Regarding transactions

Data related to transactions performed on an E-Commerce site are shown in the E-Commerce results. For all the details, refer to Viewing E-Commerce Results and Viewing E-Commerce Indicators in Contact Profiles.


Regarding viewed products or products left in cart

Information collected about viewed products and those left in shopping carts are used to create groups of contacts in order to send follow-up messages or promotions for these specific products.

This data can be used to target contacts who have similar interests and to send them a customized message in relation with the products they viewed or left in their shopping cart. To create groups of contacts using this option, you need to use the advanced edit mode.

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