Creating an Event


PrerequisiteThe Events module must be enabled for your company and for each project you want to create events for. This module is optional and can only be enabled on demand by Dialog Insight.
Access Path > Workflows > Events

How To

1. Specify basic event information

  1. In the page listing all events, click on Create an event.
  2. In the New event window, give a name to your event.
  3. Then specify its start date and time.
  4. The language selection here is for the registration language, and not the event language. The language selected by default corresponds to the project's default language.
    **If you want to offer the event registration form in multiple languages, it is important to specify it here, at this initial step, as once the event is created, you can no longer change the languages.
  5. Once all information is provided, click on Create.

2. Provide additional event information

3. Configure the registration workflow

1Registration link leads to the page on which participants will land to register. It contains the form that you will create with all the field. You also have to design this page.
2Status of forms can vary, and you should have a message for each of the scenario indicated when it applies if form is:
  • Invalid - something is not working. Redirect the contact.
  • Not started - if the registration period has not started yet.
  • Ended - If the registration period has ended
  • Closed - If you have set a maximum number of participants and it has been reached. 
3Successful registration when the contact has been added as a participant to the event
4iCalendar file, which can be sent to contact after registration so they can add the period to their preferred calendar. You can add information at this stage, like a connexion link. 
5Activate the confirmation process so contacts receive a confirmation of their participation, as well as having the option to cancel their presence. 
6Optional, but you can add a confirmation process so the contact has to validate his decision to participate. Can be an interesting practice so you can confirm that the contact's email is valid. 
7Admin notification can be interesting if you want to be notified each time someone registers for the event. You can add multiple emails, but they have to be an existing contact of your project. 

Other descriptions

Information Page
Do not forget
Invalid accessPage that displays when access to the form is not possible, for any of the following reasons:
  • bad connection,
  • the event has not yet been published but an invitation to the event, with a link to the registration form, has been sent,
  • the link was not copied properly in the browser.
In such a situation, you must invite the contact to try again later.
  • Make sure that all pages required by the workflow display a description or an explanation as they will display if needed, whether text is specified or not. If not text is indicated, the visitor will see a blank page.
  • All pages must be defined in each language. The language is selected from the header of the edit page.
Registration not startedPage that displays when the registration period is not yet started but the link to the registration form is already online, thus accessible.
Here, your message should invite the visitor to come back later to register, and maybe indicate when registration starts, or to unpublish the event.
End of registrationPage that displays when the registration period is over and registrations no longer possible.
Closed registrationPage that displays when registrations are no longer possible due to the fact that the maximum number of participants has been reached.
Successful registrationPage informing the visitor that the registration was done successfully and was registered.
Cancellation receivedPage that displays when a registration confirmation message is sent to a person to confirm registration but the person decides to cancel the registration after all. This page confirms that the cancellation request was received and processed.
Successful confirmationPage that displays when a registration confirmation message is sent to a person to confirm registration and that the person does confirm. This page confirms that the confirmation was received and processed.
Declined confirmationPage that displays when a registration confirmation message is sent to a person to confirm registration and that person confirm but registration is no longer possible because of maximum of participants is reached.
Do not forget
Registration messageMessage sent to the person who registered to confirm registration. A cancellation link is offered in case the person decides not to attend or cannot attend anymore. By cancelling the registration, the place will be freed for someone else.
In addition, if the option
Ask for confirmation was enabled, the message will also include a link for the person to officially confirm registration.
To do for each registration language:
  • A subject for the message
  • The name and email of the sender
  • A link to cancel registration
  • A link to confirm registration (if this option was enabled)
Registration notificationMessage sent to the event administrator to let him/her know that a new person has registered.
You must specify all administrators to whom you want to send registration notifications by clicking on the icon next to the page icon. You can have only one recipient, or more.
To add a new administrator, click Add a user and choose one in the list of users.
  • A subject for the message
  • The name and email of the sender
  • Select users to send notifications to
FileDescriptionDo not forget
iCalendar FileFile that lets you create a calendar event with the name and location of the event, the start/end dates and time, as well as a description of the event.
By default, the information provided when creating the event will be displayed, but you can change it as needed by clicking on the edit icon of the zone.
Once the event is online and registration is successful and/or confirmed, the event will be added to the calender of participants.
  • The name of the event
  • The location
  • The date and time

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