How to Modify an Active Automated Scenario

Important! In order to edit an active scenario, it must first be deactivated. However, it is NOT necessary to deactivate a scenario when you want to make a correction to a message. In this case, you only have to edit the ones you are interested in in the message area of Dialog Insight.

  1. Click on Deactivate
  2. Make the necessary modifications to your scenario
  3. Click on Activate to put the scenario back online
Note: When you deactivate a scenario to make changes, it will no longer run. The contacts are then stopped at the reached stage. When you reactivate, the scenario resumes its course and the contacts finish the scenario according to the established rules.


Each time you deactivate a scenario, you create what is called a version. Versions can be viewed to see the sequence, but it is not possible to restore it.

Tips: To keep a version of a scenario that you can reactivate if necessary, we advise you to duplicate the initial scenario, then make changes to it. The initial version can then be deactivated and kept.     

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