Data Protection

Dialog Insight takes data protection seriously and applies the highest standards in the industry to meet our government, institutional, associative and banking customer’s expectations. The implementation of these standards makes it possible to respond favorably to the legal framework surrounding the laws on the protection of personal information.

For example, Dialog Insight has a general information security policy. This policy aims, among other things, to define the roles and responsibilities of data security within the organization and the actions to take in order to achieve the desired objectives.

In order to ensure its implementation and respect, Dialog Insight measures and controls on an ongoing basis, at all levels. This includes customer data management, firewall breach, monitoring of access log and anomaly detection, systems penetration in addition to access under secure exchanges (SSL).

Moreover, our applications are housed in data centers that are fully hosted in Canada (Canadian customers) and France (European customers). These centers are secure and controlled environments that also meet industry standards, regulations and best practices.

Dialog Insight also enforces control policies for its employees to limit unnecessary access. The inherent risks are then limited.

In the development of our applications, we apply recognized methods of development to reduce vulnerabilities. To validate its implementation, we entrust external firms with code review and penetration tests.

Finally, we conduct audits on the application of the controls mentioned above. These take the form of an annual safety report SOC 2 type 2, produced by the firm Raymond Chabot Grant Thorton.

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