Editing a Field of the Lead Generation Form

Editing a field in the entry form is similar to the creation of a field, except that not all values can be edited.

 Prerequisite Have created a lead generation form and already have added fields.
Access Path > Workflows > Other forms > Lead generation

 How To

  1. In the list of lead generation forms, select the one you want to define by double-clicking on its name, or by selecting the form and clicking on Edit.
  2. In the edit page, open the editor by clicking on the registration form icon in the workflow section.
  3. Once the form is displayed, go to the Form configuration page.
    The form template already includes default fields, including those that form the primary key. You can add more fields, or edit or delete the ones already in the form. It is IMPORTANT however not to delete the fields composing the primary key.

  4. In the list of form fields, click on the edit icon  related to the field you want to edit.
  5. In the field edit window, edit the desired information.
    Note that the Field and Required values cannot be changed once the field has been created.
  6. Do not forget to save your changes.
  7. If you edited a field for a lead generation form that is already online, you will need to update the workflow for the change(s) to be applied. The Update button is only displayed when changes are made.

Description of input fields
Field Description
Section Name of the section that holds the field.
Field Name of the selected field. It can be a field from the project or a field specific to the form.
Label Name of the field as it should display on the form. If multiple languages are offered, you will need to specify a label for each language.
**Warning - If a label is not provided for each available language, the default language label will be used.
Source Indicates where the field comes from. There are 3 possibilities:
  • Form field - The value is to be entered by the person completing the form.
  • Fixed value - Used to assign the same value to all. This field will not be shown on the form, but the fixed value will be registered in the contact's profile.
    If you choose this option, you will need to specify the value to be assigned in the Fixed value field.
Type Available only when the field value comes from the form.
Field used to define the type of value can be inserted in the field. Any data entered in the field that does not correspond to the indicated type will trigger an error. The available field types are:
  • Textbox - Field that shows a free text area to enter the value.
  • Drop down list - Field that presents a choice of values in a drop-down list. The choice values and labels are shown in the Choices section.
  • Radio button - Field that offers a choice of responses in the format of radio buttons. The response values and fields are defined in the Choices section.
Options Available only when the field value comes from the form.
  • Required - Check box used to indicate if it is mandatory to enter a value in this field. When a field is required, it shows an asterisk .
    When a field is required, a rule prevents the contact from being added if no valid value is provided. However, if a default value was defined for the required field, the contact will be added, with the default value. Therefore, make sure to define a default value for your required fields if you want the participant to be added as a contact.
  • Multiline - Option to show a text box field on multiple lines. The number of characters that can be entered depends on the maximum length specified.
Maximum length Available only when the field value comes from the form.
The length of the value in terms of number of characters, only for text fields.
Default value Available only when the field value comes from the form.
Default value to assign to a REQUIRED field if no value is provided.
If a default value is provided for a required field, the contact will be added even if no value was provided.

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