Efficient Configuration of Authorized Channels

When configuring a communication type, you have the flexibility to choose the channels through which you wish to send messages to your contacts. For example, you may want to send them promotions by email, SMS and push notification using different communication types for them.

To do this, in the Authorized channels section, simply check the boxes of the desired channel(s). The options available vary depending on the modules activated for the account.

Once the channels have been chosen, you should define how to handle contacts in the event of an opt-out or spam complaint.

By default, when an email complaint is expressed, the contact is added to the email kile file and then deactivated. As a result, he no longer receives any communication, regardless of the channel.

It is also possible to add the contact to the kill file without deactivating him, in order to continue to send him messages through other channels.


The following diagram and accompanying explanations provide an overview of an ideal configuration for managing complaints on separate channels. Note that the opt-in or implied consent management module must be activated for your project to reflect this example (see Activating Opt-in or Implied Consent Management).

Opt-out Behavior

Currently, in the example above, if a contact marks a promotional email as spam, the application will add him to the email kill file and then deactivate him. He will therefore no longer be eligible to receive communications from other channels (example: promotional SMS).

With the new option, when a contact marks a promotional email as spam, the application adds him to the kill file, but does not deactivate him. This way, the contact continues to receive SMS Promotion type communications.

Contact deactivation management following a complaint must be configured for your project. This configuration is done on request.

Complaint Behavior

If a contact unsubscribes from the Email Promotion type, with the current configuration, it will continue to receive promotional SMS. This configuration is particularly useful when SMS messages contain different promotions than emails. For example, in-store promotions and online promotions.

Next Steps

Contact your account manager if you wish to activate email complaint management per channel, otherwise refer to the following articles:

  1. Configuring a Communication Type
  2. Setting the Sending Conditions of a Communication Type by assigning one or more opt-ins/implied consents

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