Viewing Lead Generation Data in Profile

If a person wishes to download a document, or requests information or other, and you have associated a lead generation form to the action, the person will have to fill out this form before they can proceed. The provided information is registered in Dialog Insight, based on the update mode you have selected.

This information can be seen in the contact profile.

Prerequisite Have activated the lead generation form creation module and have created and published at least one form.
Access Path You can access a contact's information card from a search, a group or mailing results.

 How To

  1. Access the profile of a contact using any of the proposed path. Lead generation information can be seen in 2 locations in the profile:
    • On the Summary page - If the contact has filled out a lead generation form, or more than one, you will see it displayed in the summary based on the selected period.
    • To see a complete list of all the lead generation forms filled by one contact, as well as the related actions, go to the Relational data page and select the Formulaire prospection/Lead generation custom table.

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