Activate the non-GSM Characters Conversion


When sending an SMS, it is possible that some characters you use are not part of the GSM-7 standard. These non-GSM characters may easily cause your message to exceed the fragment limit allowed for SMS. To avoid this, you could activate the feature to convert these non-GSM characters into a GSM similar equivalent defined by Dialog Insight. However, some characters are not supported by the feature (generally characters from other alphabets) and will be replaced by a question mark.    

The benefit of using the non-GSM characters conversion feature is that it helps you to help you comply with the fragment limit, thus avoiding sending an SMS in two fragments in some cases. On the other hand, the inconvenience of using this feature is that your message might lose its original layout.  

Emojis are not available when you activate the feature. They are not supported by the conversion. 

How To 

In the Account management (gear on the top right), select SMS configuration:

Scroll down the page to see the SMS format section:


Here is an example of what happens when the non-GSM characters conversion is activated.

In the SMS Edit window, we have the following text:  

In the SMS Test window, the text will display the converted characters highlighted with yellow:

In this case, we have two Chinese characters converted by two question marks. The other characters are supported by the feature and replaced by their equivalent.  

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