Viewing Conversion Funnel Results

As soon as you have completed the definition of the steps of your conversion funnel and have clicked Continue, the conversion results can start to come in. These results show the number of known contacts for each step of the funnel, as per the selected period and filters.

Note that it is also possible to see the number of unknown contacts for each step by requesting it.

PrerequisiteSteps must have been defined and the site visited to start collecting data.
Access Path > Journey > Funnels > Conversion

 How To

  1. Once you are on the Conversion page, recorded data displays. The data and time of the last data update is indicated at the top of the page.
  2. Adjust the display filters according to what you want to see.
    • Change the display period using any of the available periods.
    • Change the type of results to show by selecting the desired properties. By default, you can see results by channel, by platform, by type of contact or by month. Other properties might be available under My properties; it depends of the fields you have configured to show for Segmentation. For more information, refer to Defining Field Availability. Fields that are checked in the Segmentation column will be available under My properties.

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