Creating a user

PrerequisiteAccount Management permission
Access PathAccount Management > Users > Create

How To

  1. Enter the first and last name of the person, then assign a username according to the nomenclature that suits you.
  2. Add the person's email address so that he or she can receive access to his or her email inbox.
  3. Click Create.

4. By default, a new user has no permission, which means that he or she cannot access the different modules of the application. 

5. Go to the Permission tab to grant this new user his or her access permissions.

It is possible to assign permissions by group, under the Permissions Groups tab, or one at a time, under the Permissions tab. See this article to learn more about permissions.  

6. Then go back to the Profile page, then the Identification tab, and click Reset.

7. A pop will appear:

  • Click on reset to manually send the login information to the user.
  • Click on reset and send email so that the user receives his accesses by email.

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