Modifying Contact Data

I want to modify data for one contact

To modify the data of only one contact, you can do it manually using that contact's profile.

I want to modify the value of several fields for several contacts

If you have to do more complex modifications involving several fields and several contacts, it is recommended to use an import file to do an update.

I want to modify the value of one field for several contacts

Option 1: Contact list

Go to the contact list and select contacts to modify with the checkboxes on the left. Then, click the button Update multiple contacts that appears in the upper right:You can filter the contact list with an advanced search.

After, select the field to edit and indicate the new value for the selected contacts:   

Option 2: Groups

You can also modify the data of contacts targeted by a Group.  

Click on the eye in the upper right to consult the list of targeted contacts:Under the list on the right, you will see the button Multiple updates. You can then choose the field to modify.

Option 3: Custom tables

You can use custom tables to update contact data. This option is used to add or update the value of a field from a custom table for several inputs at the same time. 

You could also add a default value for empty fields. This way, you don't have to manually fill out that value for every contact. For example, you could put the default value "English" for the field Language:For more info, consult the article on project fields

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