Cumulating message results

Displaying cumulative results allows you to compile the results of multiple messages, mailings or campaigns.

Note that tests are not included in cumulative results. You can however add the results of test messages if you only choose tests. 

Access Path > Results > EMail

 How To

  1. Start by selecting the type of results you wish to display - Messages  , Campaigns  or Mailings  - using the slider or by clicking on the corresponding option.
  2. Filter the list items by specifying any of the offered criteria:
    • Display only messages that were sent to at least a given number of contacts.
    • Display messages that were sent during a given period of time, by indicating start and end dates.
    • Display only messages with a specific name or that contain a given string of characters.
  3. Click on Apply to update the list as per the selected criteria or click on Reset  to remove all criteria.

  4. Sort or display the list items as desired. See Overview of Message Results.
  5. In the list of items, select the ones you want to cumulate. To do so, simply click on the desired items one after the other. If needed, you can select items from any other page. The number of selected items is always indicated at the top of the list.
  6. Once your selection completed, click on Cumulate .
    The results displayed will compile the results of all selected items.
    This page is similar as the one shown when viewing an element, except for the following differences:
    • The page header can display message previews, depending on the number of selected items: 
      • From 1 to 3 items, a preview of each items is shown.
      • Starting at 4 items, no preview is displayed due to a lack of space.
      • However, with 2 to 5 selected items, a Comparison  chart is displayed instead of the Delivery performance chart.
      • With more than 5 items selected, no preview nor chart is displayed, but a list of the selected items is shown.
  7. You can display detailed charts by clicking on the desired summary chart or one of the legend items.

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