Manually Launch an Automated Scenario

When your scenario contains a "manual launch" trigger, this means that a person must manually launch the automated marketing by following these steps. 

Step 1: Target the scenario's contacts

Click on the pencil of the ''on demand (batch)'' node, or double click to bring up the editing window.  


In the right panel, you must choose your targeting by clicking on the edit button. In the popup that opens, you must then choose your targeting:

  • All contacts
  • A group of contacts
Infos: The contacts eligible for the group will be calculated when you manually activate your scenario. Click on count before activating to see the number of contacts included. 

Note: If necessary, check the option to include contacts who are not eligible to receive messages. This option allows you to include contacts regardless of their eligibility status in your messages, for example to update, export or unsubscribe. However, the actions for sending messages will take into account the eligibility status and contacts will be excluded from these actions.

Step 2 : Launch scenario

  • Validate the campaign so that no element is in error
  • Activate the campaign by clicking on Activate
Note:  the scenario must be activated before it can be launched manually
  • Once the scenario has been activated, and at the time you want to manually launch the campaign, you must select the On-demand (batch) node.

  • Then click on the Launch Campaign button.

  • Then confirm the eligibility of your sendings according to the following statements. If you do not meet all the criteria, make the necessary corrections.

When you are ready, click Confirm. However, if you wish to wait before launching, click Cancel.  


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