Display the results of sent messages

PrerequisitesPour afficher les résultats d'envoi, il faut nécessairement que le projet comporte des messages envoyés.
Access route > Results > Email / SMS / Web Push / Mobile Push

The message results, whether for your email, SMS, web or mobile push, are visible according to your messages, campaigns, and sendings. 

To navigate between these types, simply move the indicator to the location you are interested in, and according to what is available for the type of communication channels. 

Example for email

MessagesIn Dialog Insight, a message can be sent more than once. By selecting this version, you will see the cumulative results of all these sendings for a single message.
CampaignsA campaign presents all the sendings associated with it. 
SendingsA sending indicates the results for a particular sending, according to the date it was sent. 

Vous pouvez aussi filtrer les messages selon certains critères, en indiquant plus précisément les informations dans la boîte de recherche. 

Transmitted to: Indicate a minimum number of contacts
According to a period or by selecting dates in the calendar
According to an expression in the title of the sending
Based on a type of communication
Indicating whether you want to include messages associated with automated sendings
By indicating if you want to include the tests

Display statistics in real-time

  1. In the box that displays all messages, select the one you are interested in. You can also select a message by double-clicking on it.
  2. Once selected, you will be taken to the results summary. You can choose the type of results you want to view by navigating through the following menu. 

SummaryThis page presents the overall results of your sendings, mainly on delivery performance.

See Message Results: Summary for more information.

ImpactsActs a bit like the concept of Heat Map. It shows, with the help of a red circle, which links are most often clicked.

See Results: Email Impacts for more information.

HyperlinksIt allows you to see the results for all the links that appear in a message.

See Results: Hyperlinks in emails for more information.

ConversionIf workflows are linked to your emails, you can see results here. 
ECommerceIf the journey module is activated in your account, and you compile results on your eCommerce site, you will be able to track the sales that are made from your emails.

See Results: Ecommerce and email for more information.

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