Deleting Several Contacts at the Same Time

To keep your database clean, you could delete inactive or unsubscribed contacts. If you want to delete a large amount of contacts (but not all contacts) according to a specific criterion, use the method presented in this article. If this method does not suit your needs, see the alternatives at the end of this article.  

Step 1: Target Contacts to Delete

Start by creating a group with one or several criteria that correspond to the contacts you want to delete. For example, you could delete contacts who unsubscribed to a specific communication. When the group is set, click, in the upper right, the contact icon (with an x):   

Step 2: Select the Group

Select the group to delete by sending it to the right column if it is not already there. Click Target contacts when your selection is done:

Step 3: Confirm the Request

Verify that the contacts displayed in the list are really those to delete. Indicate the reason and click on Confirm:

You will be asked a second time (the last) if you really want to proceed with this irreversible action. The deleting process for the contacts and the related data will be done progressively and could last hours, depending on the number of contacts to delete. 

See the History

You can consult the details on the deleted groups in the History section:

Other Methods to Delete Contacts

  1. Deleting a contact one at a time
  2. Deleting all project's contacts

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