Drawing the Winners

When the entry period is over, it's time to proceed to the draw and name the winners.

Prerequisite The contest must be over.
Access Path > Workflows > Contests

 How To

  1. In the list of Ended contests, select the one for which you want to draw winners and click View .
  2. Go to the Tirage page.
  3. In the draw page, specify the requested information and click on Proceed to draw.

    Description of input fields
    Field Description
    Number of finalists The number of winners to be drawn. Most often, you will only have one winner. But it is also possible to draw multiple winners when there are multiple prizes.
    Exclude a group of contacts If you wish to exclude participants from a specific group, whether this group already exist or that you have just created for this need, select it here.
    For instance, you might want to exclude contacts that are employees. To do so, you need to create the group with all your employees and then, select that group to be excluded from the contest.
    Description of displayed results
    Result Explication
    Number of entries Number of entries, excluding the rejected entries. Are taken into account all entries, whether the skill question was right or wrong.
    Excluded entries Number of excluded entries because they belong to the excluded group of contacts.
    Rejected entries Number of finalists that were rejected. If a finalist is not eligible, or cannot be reached for example, you can reject this winner in order to can draw another one. Rejected entries are no longer eligible to the draw.
    Valid entries Total number of valid entries, that is the total number of entries, less rejected entries and entries with a wrong answer. The winners are selected among the valid entries.
  4. Once you have clicked on Proceed to draw, you will see in the lower List of finalists the winner(s) randomly selected by the system, in order if more than one.
  5. To complete the draw, it is important to approve the winners, either one at a time with Approve, or all together with Approve all.
  6. Once winners are selected, you can check the validity of winners and see if they have entered as authorized or more by clicking on View participants with multiple entries. This page displays all participants who are suspicious.
    **A person is considered has having already participated if their first name and last name has already been used in the same contest.
    • If needed, you can view the participant's contact profile to see the related contest information and reject this participant if rules were not respected.
  7. If a participant is not valid, or cannot be reached, you can reject this finalist to draw a new one. Once a participant is rejected, his place become available and you can proceed to a new draw to find a new winner amongst the remaining entries (not won and not rejected).

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