Freeform Marketing Automation Editor

Editing interface

Our tool has completely changed in order to simplify and improve the management of your automated campaigns. The result is a much more efficient and user-friendly tool.


Name and description of the campaign.

Click on the default texts to modify them.


Sidebar containing the elements you can add to the campaign.

For more details, see Description of campaign elements.


Additional options.

These allow you to define the options of the campaign.

4Work area where you drag and configure campaign elements.
5Access to pre-configured and customized models

Access your campaign resources, for direct access to your messages and other links


Error and/or warning indicator.

Click to display error items

8Activate or deactivate the campaign.
9Back to the list of scenarios
10Full screen
11Use these options to readjust the size of the diagram to the dimensions of the editor or to return to the default view of 100%.

Editing interface

Edit node

To edit the campaign, you can enlarge or reduce the diagram at your convenience, using your mouse or touch pad to zoom in or out on the area you are interested in. You can also move the diagram by clicking inside the work area and dragging the cursor to the desired position.

You can double-click on a node to bring up the content box to the right of the editor. It also appears when you click once on the element and use the editing pencil. 


Name of node

Click on the pencil to edit name when available



By using the X


Mandatory content

A basic configuration of your node is always present in the box on the right of the editor. 

4Additional options
More options are present and can be added or edited with the pencil.
5Save modifications
6Cancel modifications


Delete node

Also appears when you click on the node, or can be deleted with the trash can icon. Note that if one node is connected to another, and you delete it, only this one will disappear and not all nodes in the chain.  

Note: If you want to delete several nodes, hold down the CTRL key while you select the other nodes with the mouse (by dragging or selecting them one by one) and then press DELETE.

Connect nodes together

Click on a connection point of the first node and drag the cursor anywhere on the node to be connected.

Note: The buttons at the top and bottom of the nodes show you the connections that need to be made. For example, a trigger only has a connection below, while an action will necessarily have a connection above and below. 

Important! All nodes must be connected in order to activate automated marketing.

Note: When you move nodes that are connected by connectors, the nodes remain attached and move all together.

Delete a connexion

To remove a connector, click on the line connecting two nodes together and press the DELETE key.

Once the edition is finished, you will be able to activate the campaign by clicking on 

To close the editor and return to the module home page, click on the return to the list: Marketing Automation

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