Personalizing Email Content with DImension (Asset Matrix)

The Asset matrix tool from the DImension module is used to associate different contents to segments. Combined with the Asset module, you may easily create hyper-personalized emails. You can use these asset matrices to send contents that adapt to each segment. 

Before Starting

You should have created and configured the segmentation of your DImension. See the article Configure a DImension (soon coming) to learn more about it.

How To

To start, activate the Asset matrix feature by clicking on the + icon next to the Segmentation tab:

You have 2 options to associate the contents with segments. 

Option 1: Associate one or several contents to one segment
  1. Hover on the segment in the list and click on the + icon: 

  2. A window opens with 3 options. Select Existing: 

  3. Check one or several contents: 

Option 2: Associate several segments to a content 
  1. Click on Batch associate:With this mode, you can select several segments simultaneously.
  2. Check the segments you want to associate and click on the +:
  3. A window opens with 3 options: Choose between:
    • New: content to be created at the moment with the asset editor.
    • Existingmade
    • Model: available models vary according to the project.

When there is more than one content associated with a segment, you can reorganize them with the drag and drop on the left. The order of the contents in the list corresponds to the display order in the message for this segment.   


When hovering a content in the list, you have the option to edit this content by clicking on the pen icon or to dissociate it by clicking on the bin icon: 

If you want to edit several contents at the same time by applying the same changes to all of them, you may batch edit. You may also batch dissociate contents:

When you dissociate a content, it will not be deleted. It will remain available in the content library.

Next Step

Finally, when you are satisfied with the DImension, click on Activate. The DImension can now be used to personalize your emails.  

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