Editing and Testing the Mobile Version of an Email

It is possible to display your emails depending on the screen on which they are opened. For example, the images in the standard (computer) version can be different from those in the mobile version.

To ensure that your emails always display as intended, edit and test the mobile version before sending them to your recipients.

Access Path > Messages > Emails

How to

Edit the mobile version

  1. In the Default mobile display styles section of the editor, click on Edit.
  2. Use the Content and Headings tabs to define your style preferences. These will apply to the whole mobile version, and thus to all the blocks.
  3. Once you have made the desired changes, click on Save and close.
  4. If necessary, you can override the style of a specific block by editing that block only. To do this, proceed as follows.
    1. Double-click on the block to display the editing options and then choose the Mobile Display tab.
    2. Determine the content that will be kept in the mobile version using the Hide in responsive option.
    3. Make further modifications, if necessary. The options vary by block.
    4. Click on Save. The changes you make will overwrite the style preferences previously defined.
  5. Then go to the Default Styles section (Widthstab) to define the dimension options for the mobile version.
    • Breakpoint - The moment when the design of a responsive design site changes according to the size of the screen. It can be 600 px.
    • Maximum width - This allows the maximum width to be specified. Use a maximum width of about 300 px to make your e-mail appear as you want it to.
    • Content margins - Allows you to add left and right margins.
    • Space between blocks - Allows you to choose the space between the columns.

Test the mobile version

Once you have validated your email, you will have the opportunity to send a test of your email to verify that it displays as intended on the mobile devices and messaging applications at your disposal (see Sending a Test Message).

You can also check the preview to see what your email will look like on your mobile device. To do this, go to the test page and click the  icon in the header.

To go further, use the Inbox Preview on receipt option, available in the left menu. If you do not see it, contact your account manager to have it added. The number of tests available depends on the package you choose.

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