It is possible to configure results so that a report is sent by email to one or more users, once the messages or campaign has been sent.

Configuring this report is done by communication type or by campaign category.

For messages, the send page also displays a link to directly access to this configuration page if a report has yet been configured to be sent.

The report that is sent by email offers a summary of the mailing, or the global results of all messages sent for a campaign, as follows :

  • the number or rate of sent messages
  • the number or rate of delivered messages
  • the number or rate of delivery errors
  • the number or rate of viewed messages
  • the number or rate of clicked messages
  • the number or rate of contacts who have opted-out by clicking on the associated link 


Access Path > Results > Automated reports

 How To

  1. In the automated reports page, go to the section related to the type of report to be sent. There are two possibilities:
    • a report on messages
    • a report on a campaign
  2. In the Mailing results or Campaign results section, click Add.

  3. In the add window, specify the requested information:
    1. the communication type or the campaign category
    2. when to send the report, that is the number of days following the mailing or the campaign
    3. the users to whom you want to send the report
  4. Once all information is provided, click Add.
  5. If you want to edit already defined parameters, click on the edit icon, make the necessary change and click Save.