New release for September 16th

The Marketing Automation module has been given a new look

Our tool has completely changed to simplify and improve the management of your automated campaigns. The result is a much more powerful and user-friendly tool.

Here is a summary of the main changes:

  • An even more flexible drag and drop editor
  • More intuitive control over the content and elements of the scenario
  • Support for multiple triggers at the same time
  • Replacement of the steps by " Delay " elements
  • Added actions to send push notifications
  • Modification to the conditions after sending to support SMS and push notifications
  • More elaborate statistics
  • Scenario template management

Impact on your current scenarios

Your automated scenarios will be converted to the new tool and will continue to work as expected. When you open them, you will simply have to replace the elements so that the diagram is clear to you. To learn how to do this, see Creating an Automated Campaign.

Overview of the interface

Here is a general presentation of the new editor.


Name and description of the campaign.

Click on the default texts to modify them.


Sidebar containing the elements you can add to the campaign.

For more details, see Description of campaign elements.


Additional options.

These allow you to define the options of the campaign.

4Work area where you drag and configure campaign elements.
5Access to pre-configured and customized models

Drop-down menu of the campaign versions (history).

Select a previous version to view it (*impossible to return to it


Error and/or warning indicator.

Click to display error items

8Activate or deactivate the campaign.
9Back to the list of scenarios
10Use these options to readjust the size of the diagram to the dimensions of the editor or to return to the default view of 100%.

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