About the E-Commerce Module

Dialog Insight's E-Commerce module offers the ability to import, structure and organize data from your electronic transactional website. By enabling this module and integrating it to an E-Commerce site, you can import your contacts from your site into Dialog Insight as well as associated transactional information.

Importing your E-Commerce clients can be done through automatic import by Dialog Insight, on demand. As for transactional data, it is imported automatically when integration to your E-Commerce site is enabled.

First of all, the E-Commerce module receives the information related to the transactions performed on your E-Commerce site, through either Google, Magento or Shopify.

The data tables are populated using various existing processes in the application such as automatic imports, Web services, workflows or application interfaces.

This module lets you go further than this first analysis as it cumulates information for all transactions so you can get a timeline view of your campaign results.

The user can also see information on product or client segments in particular. For example, you can get a better insight on the most popular product categories. To do so, you first need to define these segments and develop the related reports.

The E-Commerce module is also particularly efficient for A|B Split campaigns as it allows you to calculate the conversion rate and the projected revenues if the campaign was done with this message. Therefore, in a real A|B test (10% of A, 10% of B, and waiting period of a few days to view results), we can see the projected revenues for each version of the message before deciding on which one to send to the rest of the group. The projected revenue is available once delivery is complete.

In addition, if integration is with Google Analytics, data is processed and associated to messages sent, and can provide a first report on the ROI of the campaign. This report shows the amount of recent purchases, the average amount of purchases and the conversion rate. Note that this feature is not available with Magento or Shopify integrations as these 2 applications do not use tracking codes.

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