Activate Segmented Statistics with DImension

Segmented statistics enable the analysis of the performance of message contents on different contact criteria. With this information, it is possible to filter your communications to see which contacts are committed to your content and those less to improve your future sendings.

At the moment, some restrictions apply to the segmented statistics:

  • Segmented Statistics cannot be applied retroactively; they must be defined before sending the email
  • Segmented Statistics do not work with single messages like those from Marketing Automation or API deployments
  • Segmented Statistics are not yet available for SMS, Mobile Push or Web Push

Before Starting

You must have created a segmentation in order to activate the segmented statistics and your DImension must be activated. If you activate the advanced statistics, you will not have the option to use Audience or Asset matrix (then you will not be able to personalize your messages by integrating DImensions). To avoid this constraint, you could duplicate your DImension and use that copy for purposes other than statistics.

How To

You have 2 options to activate segmented statistics:  

Option 1: Add the DImension to your communication type

Option 2: Add the DImension directly in the message Send interface  


After sending messages, you may consult the email statistics here:

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