Ignore dates in the execution of your campaigns

Blackout dates allow you to define dates to ignore the execution of your campaigns. Excluded dates apply to Recurring, Date, and After Imports triggers. However, you can restrict them to specific campaigns by using campaign categories. 

Add an exclusion date

From the Blackout Dates tab of campaigns, select any date to add a blackout date. 

Note: Blackout dates only apply to campaigns created after the addition of the excluded dates.

Field descriptions

NameGive a representative name to the blackout date, especially if you have multiple.


Date used to exclude campaign actions.

Campaign Category

If you wish to apply an excluded date to only a few campaigns, then you must assign a category to the campaigns in question and then apply the exclusion only to that category.


Indicates whether the exclusion is a one-time or recurring prohibition. If you choose recurrent, you have the options of week, month and year. 

Process preference

Indicates whether the action planned for that date will be postponed or brought forward, if possible.

The launch of a campaign can only be postponed to a later date.

Postponement of a campaign based on an exclusion date

The treatment of excluded dates differs somewhat depending on whether it falls on the day the scenario is launched or at a subsequent stage.

For example:

  • If the excluded date falls on the day of launch, only the launch will be postponed, while the other steps will be performed according to the number of days after the initial launch date. Therefore, if there are daily steps, two steps could occur on the same day.
  • If the excluded date falls on a day other than the launch date, the step in question will be postponed or advanced by one day, depending on the postponement option chosen, as well as the subsequent steps, within the time frame provided. However, in the case of subsequent stages, two stages can NEVER occur on the same day. Therefore, if a milestone were to be advanced, due to the configuration of the excluded dates, and fall on the same day as the preceding milestone, it would be postponed to a day later rather than one day earlier.

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