The sending process allows you to prepare the SMS by selecting the recipients and the time to send it. The sending process must be approved before it can be executed.

Needless to say that to send an SMS, your contacts' profiles must have a valid number to receive SMS. Based on your field configuration, a new field to hold this number will need to be created or an existing one will be used. Phone numbers that are entered for this purpose must also be compatible with the formats supported by Dialog Insight. To get a complete listing of all supported formats and countries, see Supported Number Formats for Sending SMS.

PrerequisiteThe SMS module has to be enabled, and the SMS message to be sent must be without errors.
Access Path > Message > SMS

How To

  1. In the SMS listing page, select the one you want to send.
  2. Check the content of the message under the Library section and make any necessary corrections.
  3. Go to the Send page.
  4. In the Recipients section, select the people you want to send the SMS to.
    • All - To send the message to all active contacts in the project.
    • One or more groups - To send the message to contacts that are part of the selected group(s). The left box shows all the Available groups in the project. When you select a group that is available, the right arrow is activated and lets you add this group to the Selected groups box. To remove a group, just select it and click on the left arrow.
      * When multiple groups are selected and a contact is part of more than one group, only one message is sent.
  5. Specify how you want to handle recipients who have the same phone number for SMS.
    • by sending the SMS to each recipient - for instance, if 3 contacts have the same number, 3 SMS messages will be sent, one for each contact.
    • by limiting to one copy of the SMS per SMS number
  6. You must then indicate when to send the SMS. It can be done now or later. If you decide to send it later, choose the date and time you want, as well as the time zone.
  7. If you send the SMS later, you also need to specify if the list of recipients must be updated at that time.
    • If so, newly added contacts will be added and those not targeted anymore will be removed. The list of recipients will be prepared on the date set for sending the SMS.

  8. It is suggested to use the Count button to check if the number of contacts is accurate before performing the mailing.
  9. Click on Prepare mailing.
    A confirmation window opens and lists a few validation points to make sure your message complies with the electronic mailing standards.
  10. If your message is compliant, click on Confirm and prepare mailing.
    Once the preparation completed, another confirmation window opens, where you approve and send the message.
  11. In the approbation window, click on Approve to immediately approve the SMS or on Details pour to see more information on the SMS before sending it.
  12. Once all validations are performed and the message is ready to be sent, click on Approve. If however you decide not to send this message, click on Reject, and specify the reason why and confirm.