Viewing a Contact's Marketing Automation Campaigns

When an automated marketing campaign was performed and contacts have responded, the related results are not only shown in the execution log, but also the targeted contact profiles.

A section called Marketing automation is added to the contact profile page when the marketing automation module is activated and at least one scenario has been created for the project.

PrerequisiteFor marketing automation data to show in a contact's profile, this contact must have been targeted by at least one such campaign.
Access PathYou can access a contact's profile by performing a search, from a group or from message results.

 How To

  1. Once the contact's profile is displayed, select the Marketing automation menu to see the list of all the scenario executions applied to the contact. This list shows the status of the scenario in the first column, the launch date and time, the execution end date and time, as well as the specific result recorded for the current contact, indicated by an icon ( for success,  for failure,  for abandon and for the other ends.).
    If no result is shown for a given execution, this means that the scenario is in progress () or that the contact has not yet gone through a scenario step. A completed scenario is indicated by .
  2. To view all the steps of the scenario,click View or .
    This will show all the steps of the scenario, and the status of each step. The specific scenario followed by the contact is highlighted by reducing all not applicable steps.
  3. To exit the scenario display, just close the window.

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