Using campaigns to send messages provides the ability to manage multiple mailings at once, whether you want to send different versions of the same message to different groups, divide your mailings per segment to get statistics or to differ mailings based on defined groups.

Sending a message though a campaign eliminates the need to manage contact lists and groups. In addition, by using a campaign, you are assured that only one message is sent per contact.

The first step is to create the message(s) that you want to include in your campaign.

There are two types of campaigns:

A/B Split An A/B Split campaign lets you send multiple versions of a message to a sample of contacts so you can compare the performance of each message and determine which version is the best. From the results, you can see which version was most open or clicked and then decide which version to sen to the remaining contacts in the campaign. With this type of campaign, you are assured that a contact only receives one message from the campaign (if a contact received a message from the campaign, he will not receive the message again in its preferred version).
Following are some examples of use:
  • test with different message subject
  • test various times to send the message (morning, afternoon, night, weekend)
  • test different visuals
To learn now to create such campaigns, see Creating an A/B Split Campaign.
Multi-segments This type of campaign lets you send, in a single mailing, personalized messages based on predefined contact segments. The content of contact database is divided by segments, as per the following example:
  Men Women
Province 1    
Province 2    
Province 3    
With this campaign, you can easily analyze the performance of your mailings as results are shown according to the selected segments. In addition, you can personalize messages for each segment.
The multi-segment campaign module is not available to all clients. This is an optional feature that needs a special configuration from our team.

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