Viewing Lead Generation Results

Once the lead generation form has been published and used by people who wish to perform the associated action, it is possible to see how many people have filled out the form, and who these people are. In addition, if you have offered any communication subscription in your form, you will also be able to see who has subscribed to which communication.

PrerequisiteHave published at least one lead generation form.
Access Path > Workflows > Other forms > Lead generation

 How To

  1. In the list of online lead generation forms, click on the one for which you want to see results and click View.
    The edit page will display.
    You can also view results of forms in preparation for test purposes if needed.
  2. Go to the Report page.
    The report is by default displayed for the last month. You can change the displayed period as needed by clicking on .
    1. Lead generation results can be viewed in two different formats:
      • On the Report page, to see results as charts.
        You can click on any chart to see the related list of contacts.  
        CumulativeShows the number of filled forms, for the selected period
        DailyShows the number of filled forms (Inquiries), as well as the number of different new contacts who have filled out the form (Leads), for the selected period.
        Contact acquisitionShows the number of new contacts added in the project from the lead generation form, as opposed to the number of contacts already in the project.
        Consent acquisition for Communication type nameIf the form offered subscription to one or more communications, you will see a chart for ech subscription. This chart shows for the total number of leads, the following information:
        • Not acquired - Number of leads who have not subscribed
        • Acquired by new contact - Number of leads who subscribed but were not contacts in the project before.
        • Acquired by existing contact - Number of leads who subscribed and were already contacts in the project.
        • Already acquired - Number of leads who had already subscribed.
      • On the Inquiries page, to see the list of contacts who have filled out the lead generation form.
        This list shows the first and last name of contacts, as well as their email and any other fields part of the form.
        • If needed, you can choose to display contacts for a different period or and show other fields. Once you have selected new criteria, make sure to click Apply.
        • From this list, select any contact and click on Details, to see the profile of this contact.

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