Once the fields in your project have been created, you can choose the fields that you wish to display in the different interfaces of the application. In fact, a project generally includes quite a lot of fields but it is rarely necessary to display them all everywhere. Defining which fields display where is very useful as it lets you limit the number of fields displayed to only those that are necessary for the context.

For instance, when you are searching for contacts in the database, you might want to limit the number of fields displayed and only show the ones that you use the most to perform searches. And in any case, you can always change the current field selection using the field selector available.

By default, mandatory fields (last name, first name and email) as well as primary key fields are set to be displayed on all pages, but you can change these settings as needed, except for the contact profile, where the display of these fields cannot be deactivated.

Have the permission to define field availability.
Access Path
> Configuration > Project
> > New project or Project fields

How To

  1. In the edit page of the project, click on Advanced settings.
  2. Go to the Field availability page and check all the sections where you want the fields to show.
    There are, for now, 5 different interfaces for which you can choose the fields to display, based on your specific needs.

Determines the fields to show on the contact search page.
Determines the columns to show in contact lists. All the lists will have the same selection. You can see a contact list, for instance, after having done a search or when viewing the contacts of a group.
Determines the fields that will show up in statistics and that can be used for segmentation.
Contact profile
Determines the fields that will display at the top of the summary page of the contact card. Note however that only fields that have values will show. For example, if you have selected to display the Date of birth but no date has been specified for the contact, the field will just not be shown.
Preview and tests
Determines the fields to be displayed in the Contact profile section of the test page of a message. It is suggested to select here the field that you usually use for personalization and conditional content. By being displayed, it will be quicker and easier to validate if personalized and conditional content really correspond to the contact.