Setting Up a DImension

The DImension module is a segmentation tool that allows you to target audiences according to different criteria, such as transactions, browsing data on your Web site and the behaviour of your contacts. Thus, you may create targeted marketing campaigns with customized messages for each segment.  

Segmentation, which is the first step in the targeting process, allows you to divide your contacts into smaller groups using criteria like the behaviour, preferences and demographic characteristics of your customers.  

When segments are created, they can be used to create audiences, which are groups of people sharing similar characteristics. The segments and audiences can then be used to create an asset matrix and customize the contents of emails in order to address the specific needs and interests of each targeted group.     

It is not required to use Audience and Asset matrix (depending on your purposes). It is always necessary to create segments as the foundation of a DImension. In step 2, we will suggest you different configuration processes according to your goals.    

Step 1: Create a DImension

To start, you have to create a DImension:   

Then, in the creation window, fill in the name of the DImension and choose the channels and languages you want to use: Choosing one or several channels will enable the distribution of contacts per channel when computing an audience.

Step 2: Configure the DImension

According to your goal. choose among the following options:

Option 1: Segmented Statistics

  1. Create a segmentation
  2. Activate the segmented statistics

Option 2: Contacts Database Analysis

  1. Create a segmentation
  2. Create an audience (exporting the audience will provide statistics)

Option 3: Email Content Personalization

  1. Create a segmentation
  2. Create an audience (optional)
  3. Create asset matrices

Option 4: Automated Campaigns 

  1. Create a segmentation
  2. Create an audience
  3. Create asset matrices 

Step 3: Activate the DImension

Finally, when your DImension is ready, click on Activate:

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