Supported Browsers

Dialog Insight is a platform designed for computer use. Most features are not functional on a tablet or smartphone. 

Fully Supported Browsers

For an optimal experience, we recommend using the following browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Most Chromium-based browsers, such as Edge and Opera

The most functional version of the application is always optimal on the latest browser version. Normally, these browsers update automatically so you shouldn't have to do any updating. 

Partially Supported Browsers

Some features of the application might not be supported if you use one of these browsers. For this reason, the browsers in the previous section are highly recommended. This includes:

  • Safari, latest version

Browsers Not Supported

Any browsers not mentioned in this list may not be supported at all by the application, or may cause instabilities, errors or limit access to certain interfaces. Older versions of some browsers may also cause this kind of effect. For optimal use, use a supported browser.  

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