Identify your Data Protection Officer (DPO)

About the DPO

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is the contact person for personal data matters. We recommend you share your DPO's name and contact information with us. We will contact your DPO if we update our information politics or in the case of a security breach. Depending on the region or country, the DPO could be defined differently according to local legislation. In Quebec, the equivalent of the DPO is the privacy officer.  Among the benefits of providing your DPO information on the Dialog Insight app is the possibility of adding the DPO to your communications, which helps reassure your recipients.

You are responsible for getting informed on local laws and respecting legislation concerning personal data management. The content of this article is not legal advice. Get help from a lawyer if needed.

How to identify your DPO

To identify your DPO or the responsible person for personal data protection in your enterprise, start by going into Manage this account and select DPO:

Then, choose a user of the platform or enter manually the infos for the DPO:

Do not forget to update this information if there is a change of DPO in your organization.

Learn More on the GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation in Europe requires concerned businesses to designate a Data Protection Officer (DPO). If your enterprise operates in Europe, getting informed on the regulation and what it implies for your personal data management is crucial.  

The responsibilities of the DPO in terms of personal data protection are to inform, accompany and advise the management and employees about the legal obligations and the possible ways to respect them. The DPO documents the internal processes, identifies the risks and supervises the solutions implemented to protect personal data.

Learn More on Law 25

Law 25 on personal data protection, effective in Quebec, requires identifying a privacy officer whose role resembles his European countertype. 

The privacy officer has several responsibilities as advising the enterprise about personal data protection, evaluating the internal processes and recommending politics aimed at risk reduction. Like the DPO, he is the contact person for the local authorities in case of a safety incident.

Learn More about Integrating your DPO information into your communications

Adding the DPO contact details in the email footers is a trend on the rise. Presenting this information show your customer that you care about the safety of their personal data. If you know how programming languages work, you may integrate dynamically the DPO information like in this example:

This way, when you change your DPO in the Account management section, the update will apply to your email templates.

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