What is a lead generation form?

Lead generation is a business process that consists in looking for potential clients (also called prospects) that can become real clients. It's a strategic step in the normal development process of any company that wishes to increase its market share.

It is possible in Dialog Insight to quickly create a form that will help you collect information on people who performed different actions on your sites:

  • download documents from your website
  • request information
  • ask for a price
  • perform any given action on your websites.

Displaying this form forces people who want to perform an action to provide some basic information about themselves, and gives you a great opportunity to send them afterward, for instance, a subscription offer or any other information.

The lead generation process has several steps:

  • The form itself - This is the trigger. The person needs to provide some information to go to the next step. If the person who fills in the form is already a contact in your project, you will have to specify how this information will be integrated in Dialog Insight.
  • The confirmation page that informs the person that information was sent.
  • The message to send to the person who filled the form to confirm the action (optional).
  • The message to send to the system administrator to inform that a contact was added or edited (optional).

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