Build Event Registration Landing Page

A landing page, in the editor, has 3 sections, which are defined like this:

Important! Content added to the header and footer will be repeated on all landing pages related to your event, be it for successful registration or invalid/error messages. Add only information you want to be repeated, such as company logo and event name. 

How to

  1. By default, a basic form is already inserted in the page. You will be able to update it later.
  2. For now, start by dropping layout elements in the 3 different sections of your landing page.
    • 1 column
    • 2 columns
    • 3 columns 
  3. Then, drop content elements into those content block to start building your landing page
    1. Text - Most used, add it to write title, subtitle or any other written content
    2. Divider - Line that can separate your content
    3. Button - which is a call to action
    4. Image - Banner or any other image size
    5. Social media Follow - Link your own social media
    6. Social media share - Flow so contact can share the event on their own social media
    7. Form - You can only have one form per page, so unless you have deleted the template form, you should not have to use this element
  4. Edit you content as you wish
  5. Set web pages and social media descriptions on the specified tab. Useful for SEO purposes, so your page has the right description if found on a browser or shared on a social media platform. 
  6. You can edit the default style of your landing page, such as background color, font color/type, size, etc. 

Interface description

1Access the registration form configuration panel
2Insert layout element in the header, content or footer zone
3Add content element in the content block
4Find the different zone indicated in the green band
5Content visualization zone
6SEO description elements
7Standard style configuration for the whole page
8Preview icon

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