Exporting Contacts' Data

Exporting contacts' data is done with an external file downloaded on your computer (Excel or CSV). This file can then be used to archive or update content and reimport it into the platform. An export file can also be useful to transfer data to another integration or an ecommerce platform. 

To export data for one contact at a time, you can do it in the contact's profile

Step 1: Choose the Contacts to Export

Option 1: List

Option 2: Groups

At the bottom of the list, you will see an Export button. To learn more on groups, se the article on how to create groups.

Step 2: Choose the Export Options

After clicking on Export, select among options for the content and the format:

Content: The default option is for all data, including or not the administrative fields (contact creation date, modification, activation, etc.). You can also choose a format if you have created one.  

File format: Then, choose Excel or CSV format. For CSV, there are 2 options. It is recommended to choose the UTF-8 universal standard, which covers all special characters unless your data have ISO-8859-1 format.

Finally, click Export to download your file!

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