About Operational Links

An operational link is used to collect contact information and to register this information directly in the database whenever a contact clicks on a link in a message. This type of link is added to messages and lets you define parameters that identify the information to be registered in the profile of the contact who received the message.

Operational links are quite easy to configure and to use, so you'll be able to quickly take advantage of this useful functionality.

The message editor in Dialog Insight lets us easily insert operational links in your messages when these links have been well configured beforehand (see Creating an Operational Link).

Following are a few examples of use:

Registration or subscription confirmation

Usually, when you accept to subscribe to a newsletter, you receive a confirmation message containing an operational link that you need to click to confirm. By clicking on this operational link, the related subscription field (or the entire contact profile) is activated, which makes the contact eligible to receive messages. If the contact does not click to confirm, the contact's profile will remain in the database but no messages will be sent to this contact.

Event confirmation

Dialog Insight offers various tools to manage complex functions. However, it is possible to easily manage event participation using an operational link. To do so, you simply need to invite recipients to click on a link in a message that leads to a confirmation page. You can also send a confirmation email that includes a second operational link to cancel their participation in case they cannot attend anymore. You can use this message to provide more information about the event in addition to inform them that their registration to the event is registered.

Change the version or language of a message

You can also use operational links to change the newsletter version ( HTML, text, Notes or mobile). Although it is usually possible to view by default all available versions from the HTML message, you could decide to register the version selected by a person in order to offer this version automatically the next time messages are sent.

You can do the same thing for the language of the message, and register this choice for future messages. To do so, you only need to add an English link in the French version of the message, and a French link in the English version. Following is an example of the text to add to your operational link:

I would prefer receiving future mailings in English | J’aimerais recevoir les prochains envois en français

Register your clients' preferred location

When sending promotions or newsletters, clients also often include special offers, by store or location. So when a contact click on one location or store, you can register this information in the contact's profile so that next time you can send offers specific to that preferred store or location.

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