Dialog Insight's marketing calendar comes with default options, which can be adjusted to your needs.

Following are the various configuring options:

Display mode

You can view the calendar per month, per week and in a monthly list format. The display mode selected is registered and used until it is changed again.

Access: Planning > Calendar > Calendar's main page

My actions colors

You can categorize the actions under My actions by assigning one of the available colors. These colors are predefined and cannot be changed; but you can edit their names to something more representative of the associated actions. 

Access:  Planning > Calendar >  > Calendar's parameters

  1. Replace the name of the color by a name that corresponds to the type of actions.
  2. Select the color to be assigned by default to all new actions added to the calendar.
    You can always change the color after.

Filter management

This option lets you rename or delete existing filters.

To add a new filter, you must create it right in the calendar page. See how to choose the actions to be displayed in the calendar.

Access:  Planning > Calendar >  > Calendar's parameters

  1. To rename a filter, replace the old name by a new one.
  2. To delete a filter, click on the edit icon X next to the filter to delete.

Week format

This option lets you define the days that are part of your work week, as well as the day it starts. The selected days are displayed on a gray background in the calendar.

Access:  Planning > Calendar >  > Calendar's parameters

  1. Under Week days, select the days of your work week.
  2. Under First day of week, select which is the first day of your week.

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