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Access pathAccout management > Users > List > Create

Three steps are required to add a user.

1. Complete this form.

Info : The form may vary, it depends of your configurations.

2. For security reason, a new user doesn't have permissions. Click on Permissions, select the role and Assign it.

3. Return to profile, enter all information needed and send an email to give access. Click on Reset (right of New 
password) and Reset and send an email. 

NOTE : If a user lost is password, use Step 3 to reset the password and send an email.

NOTE 1 : You can edit the profile whenever you want in the Identification tab.

NOTE 2 : If you want to add security to this user, go to the Configuration tab. To know the public IP address of your user, use this page.

Edit, unlock and deactivate

Access pathAccount management > Users > List

Use the filter tool so search a user. 

Select the user, you will be able to edit the profile and use those features:

Lock/Unlock: If a user had too many connections errors, the account will be automatically lock. Use this option to unlock it. We suggest to reset the password and send an email.

Activate/Deactivate: You can suspend an account intentionally. The user will no longer have access.


This page helps you to manage your users:

  • Name, username and email
  • Contact details
  • SMS 

This form can be tailored based on your needs. Contact us to have more information.

History / Access audits

Those two options are available for security reasons.

History presents the administrative information about this user (date, errors, etc.) Access audits presents all the connections performed by the user including date, hour and IP address.

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