View the List of Registered People

PrerequisiteNote: If the registration period has not started, registrations might still exist as it is possible to manually register people directly in Dialog Insight. It is also possible to manually register people BEFORE the event is published.
Access Pat  > Workflows > Events > Registrations or Report

How To

  1. In the list of events, select the event for which you want to display participants and click View or Edit.
  2. There are two ways to view registrations:
    • Report page - to view the registrations as charts.
Registration evolutionShows the number of registrations, cancellations and confirmations (if applicable) by day.
  • Distribution of registrations
Shows the distribution of registrations in terms of registrations versus cancellations. If a confirmation step is part of the process, you will also see confirmed and unconfirmed registrations.
Participation rateShows the participation rate, that is the number of people who actually attended the event. The participation rate is calculated once the event is over.
See View the article Participation Rate of an Event
Contact acquisitionNumber of new contacts gained from the event, over the total of participants.

You can click on any chart section to display the related list of contacts.

  • Registrations page - to view a list of registered people.
    This list shows the name and email of all registered people, as well as their registration status (registered, confirmed, cancelled) and attendance (only displayed when the event is done).
    • From this list, select any person and click on Details, or double-click on the name to display the profile of this particular participant.

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