What are Tracking Links Used For?

Dialog Insight records statistics on clicked links in communications and in some forms (eg.: opt-out forms). Links inserted in your communications are replaced by links to DI' servers. 

When a contact clicks on a link, this link redirects first to Dialog Insight (where it is added to logs), then it is sent to the final destination (your site). Basically, these replacements are done using a domain name associated to the platform (example:

However, your contacts may find these links suspicious: why does a link in a communication lead to "", when they don't know about this site and certainly do not associate it with your company?

To give your recipients confidence and reduce possible phishing complaints, it is important to set up a domain name that will be used to customize tracking links.

If you have used the domain delegation, you should already have tracking links configured in your account. To see the tracking links, go to the section Tracking Links in the Account Management.

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